1. Tra Vinh University Journal of Science publishes original research and review papers in English or Vietnamese, including articles in the areas of 04 discipline-specific sections: Agriculture – Aquaculture; Culture – Education – Arts; Economics – Social Sciences; Technological – Environmental Sciences.
  2. The submitted manuscript has not been published earlier in any other journal and is not being considered for publication elsewhere.
  3. The submitted manuscript must comply with the guidelines of the Journal.
  4. The manuscript is written using Microsoft Word with the following formatting: page size is A4; font is Times New Roman; font size is 12 pt; line spacing is exactly 16 pt; and margins are 2.5 cm on top, 2.0 cm on bottom, 3.5 cm to the left, and 2.0 cm to the right. The length of research articles must be from 08 to 12 pages and review articles from 12 to 25 pages.
  5. All articles are published in the print edition and also in the online edition at http://journal.tvu.edu.vnhttp://journal.tvu.edu.vn/vi/.
  6. The manuscript must be submitted to the Journal via the online system at http://journal.tvu.edu.vn. Any articles submitted via e-mail will not be accepted.


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