According to the Tra Vinh University Journal of Science, eligible authors are those with the following roles:

  • Evidence of substantial contribution to the research conception and design, data acquisition, analysis, and interpretation.
  • Drafting or revising the article for intellectual content.
  • Approval of the final version.
  • Agreement to be accountable for all aspects of the work related to the accuracy or integrity of any part of the work.

The Tra Vinh University Journal of Science does not consider individuals as eligible authors under the following circumstances:

  • Individual whose roles was to provide funding, should not be added to the paper.
  • Individuals whose major role in the paper was translation services to be added as co-authors, they can only be acknowledged.

In addition, more than six authors in a paper will have to be vetted to ensure that their contributions in the research were of significant value.

Authorship terms and agreement

  • All named authors sign a statement of authorship as a condition of publication. Such a statement should ideally include:
  • A declaration that that person, and all other named authors, fulfill the authorship criteria laid out in the journal’s authorship policy.
  • A declaration that no other individuals deserving of authorship have been omitted.
  • A statement of what exactly that person contributed to the paper.
  • A declaration that a person takes responsibility for the integrity of the paper.

Guidelines on solving authorship disputes

  • The position of the author in a paper should be decided upon by the authors before submitting the paper for consideration for publishing. We shall consider publishing the paper in the order in which the names of the authors are received.
  • Additional authors cannot be added after submission.
  • Authors cannot be replaced in cases of sickness, insanity, or death.