1. Submission Policies

Authors must comply with copyright following the Intellectual Property Law of Vietnam and regulations of International Intellectual Property Organizations that Tra Vinh University Journal of Science (TVUJS) is a member of. Articles that are reviewed and edited by Tra Vinh University Journal of Science are not allowed to be submitted or published anywhere else until receiving a final decision from the Journal that they have been rejected.

The author of a manuscript is an individual or a collective of authors (hereinafter referred to as the author). Each author of the manuscript must be a person who actually participated in and contributed to the creation of the manuscript.

If the manuscript is the collective work of several authors, all authors will decide the order of the author list. The primary author is the one whose name appears first on the list. The remaining authors are regarded as co-authors. The corresponding author will manage all communication between the Journal and all co-authors and directly contact the Journal to discuss any issues relating to the manuscript related to submission, modification, editing and publication. The corresponding author could be the primary author or any co-author. The identification of the corresponding author is decided by all authors. All authors have to agree to be listed and to approve the manuscript submission to the Journal. Any amendment, deletion, or re-arrangement to the author list must be agreed upon by all authors of the manuscript, agreed by the Editor-in-Chief and implemented in accordance with regulations of the Journal.

The corresponding author is responsible for declaring any financial or non-financial interests concerning the research.

Manuscripts submitted to the Journal must comply with the Journals regulations related to citations, references, data sources, and plagiarism. The author is responsible for following Journal policies and procedures and Vietnamese law for both the content of the article and the use of documents, data, figures or other published elements. If the participants’ information is included in the research, the authors must have the participant’s fully informed consent.

The author(s) provides all author’s information in the Copyright agreement and author contribution form and attaches this form with the manuscript during the initial submission.

2. Submission process

The manuscript is written on Microsoft Word with page size: A4; font: Times New Roman; size: 12; line spacing: Exactly = 16 pt; margins: top = 2.5 cm, bottom = 2.0 cm, left = 3.5 cm, right = 2.0 cm. Research articles are from 08 to 12 pages, and review articles are from 12 to 25 pages. The article template is available with Template TVUJS.

All manuscripts are submitted via the online system of the Journal at http://journal.tvu.edu.vn. Any article submitted via e-mail will not be accepted.

The manuscripts approved by TVUJS will be published in full text at http://journal.tvu.edu.vn.