Before submitting the manuscript to Tra Vinh University Journal of Science, make sure you have gone through the below checklist:



  • The submitted manuscript must be original and NOT being considered for publication by any other journal.
  • The manuscript is written in English or Vietnamese; The language used in the manuscript complies with the academic style and spelling rules of each language.
  • The submitted manuscript belongs to the areas of 04 discipline-specific sections as Agriculture – Aquaculture; Culture – Education – Arts; Economics – Social Sciences; Technological – Environmental Sciences.
  • The submitted manuscript complies with the guidelines of Tra Vinh University Journal of Science.
  • The Copyright agreement and Author contribution form is an obligatory requirement and attached with the manuscript


2.1. The Title

  • is concise, clear, and precise
  • is appropriate for the subject, content, and scope of the study

2.2. Abstract and Keywords

  • The abstract is not over 250 words and briefly presents the aims, methods, results, and significance of the study
  • The keywords include 03-06 words or phrases written in alphabetical order

2.3. Introduction

  • introduces the background and the importance of the study
  • determines the research objective, issue, or question
  • clarifies the research object, scope, and structure

2.4. Literature Review

  • generalizes the scientific works directly related to the research
  • evaluates the current state of research issue, identifies the achievements and limitations in the research field that need to be supplemented and perfected.
  • shows new contribution of the work to the research gap in the field as well as to scientific development

2.5. Research Method

  • describes the method(s) used clearly and concisely
  • states the main stages/procedure/framework of the research
  • lists the influences that determined the research procedure
  • complies with ethics policies of TVUJS

2.6. Results and Discussion

  • presents the research results/findings logically and scientifically
  • interprets the significance of the major, important results
  • discusses and compares with the results of previous studies
  • explores new findings of the research and clarifies the theoretical/empirical applicability of the research results

2.7. Conclusion

  • summarizes the results and emphasizes the scientific significance of the study
  • presents key conclusions and recommendations
  • emphasizes the practical applicability of the findings/new framework
  • states the limitations of the study and suggests for future research

2.8. Tables and Figures

  • present specific and accurate data to clarify the research results
  • are fully and accurately cited
  • are presented and titled following the Journal's regulations

2.9. Citations and References

  • In-text citation must fully and accurately present the sources
  • Citations and references must be consistent
  • Citing and creating reference list in accordance Journal's regulations

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