TVUJS operates in accordance with the principles and purposes of the press license granted by the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (MIC). TVUJS has the right to publish articles submitted to the Journal, which are thoroughly and fairly assessed based on the quality of content while avoiding discrimination on race, gender, workplace or academic degree. The Journal is independent and strictly respects and complies with its editorial screening, review and publication policies. Our policies will not be compromised by any commercial or financial benefits or specific arrangements with advertising clients or sponsors. The Journal will make all efforts to ensure manuscripts are evaluated fairly.

Editor responsibilities:

Publication decisions: Editors are independently responsible for decisions on the manuscripts which are transferred to the Editor-in-Chief for publication approval. Editors must comply with Journal policies and legal requirements regarding privacy, plagiarism, and political issues of article content.

Review process: Editors should ensure that the peer review process is fair, unbiased and timely. All articles have undergone editorial screening and peer review by at least two independent experts in the field and the Journal avoids selecting the author’s acquaintances or fraudulent reviewers.

Privacy statement: Editors must protect the confidentiality of all materials submitted to the Journal and all communications with reviewers.

Fairness: The editorial policies of TVUJS encourage honesty and transparency. Any changes related to the submitted manuscript have to be fully and timely reported by the handling editor to the Editor-in-Chief. Moreover, the editor needs to make sure that reviewers and authors clearly understand what each other expects.

Interest declaration: Any potential editorial conflicts of interest must be shared with the Journal and should be updated if and when new conflicts arise. Editors are not allowed to participate in any decisions about manuscripts written by themselves, by family members or colleagues, or about products or services of interest to the handling editors.

The Journal commits to implementing and complying with laws and policies related to the security of personal information. The TVUJS uses only the information that users (i.e. authors, readers, editors and critics) provide to the Journal for stated purposes. The Journal shall not provide the information to any other third party or for any other purpose except if it is required following the law of Vietnam.

TVUS utilizes Turnitin software to check for duplication in all submitted manuscript before pre-review. The Journal complies with regulations on plagiarism of academic products issued by Tra Vinh University.