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Tu Thanh Nguyen
An Thi Thu Nguyen
Thu Thi Minh Truong


This study proposes a research model of the factors affecting customer satisfaction with the service quality of San Ha Retail Group. The study proposes a service quality measurement model with five factors and 20 observed variables. The study used the method of testing the reliability of the model scale by Cronbach’s
Alpha coefficient, the exploratory factor analysis, and the multivariate regression analysis to explore the results of interviews with 130 customers who have used products and services of San Ha Retail Group. The results show that customer satisfaction with the service quality of San Ha Retail Group is influenced by five factors, including empathy, responsiveness, tangibles, reliability, and service capacity. The findings from the research suggest solutions to increase customer satisfaction when using products and services for San Ha Retail Group.


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Nguyen T, Nguyen A, Truong T. FACTORS AFFECTING CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON SERVICE QUALITY AT SAN HA RETAIL GROUP. journal [Internet]. 29Jun.2023 [cited 25Sep.2023];13(2):1-. Available from: https://journal.tvu.edu.vn/index.php/journal/article/view/1930


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