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Tan Thanh Nguyen
Phuc Huu Dang
Triet Minh Pham
Tuan Anh Kim


In this article, mathematical model of two-wheeled mobile robot system is applied and controlled using Matlab/Simulink software. The article focuses on presenting the method of designing Fuzzy Logic controller to control the mobile robot by independently controlling  the wheel speed of the left and right wheel motors so that the robot can move and follow the given reference trajectory. Simulation results from Matlab/Simulink tool show the effect of Fuzzy Logic controller on complex objects such as two-wheeled mobile robot which is required that the robot can move to follow the reference trajectory with lines, circles, and gridlines. The results confirm that the robot model can fully
meet the requirements, the model is able to follow the reference target based on the line from simple to complex with the allowable distances and errors.


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Nguyen, T., Dang, P., Pham, T. and Kim, T. (2022) “CONTROL OF MOBILE ROBOT TO TRAJECTORY TRACKING USING FUZZY LOGIC METHOD”, THE SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL OF TRA VINH UNIVERSITY; ISSN: 2815-6072; E-ISSN: 2815-6099, 1(43), pp. 51-57. doi: 10.35382/18594816.1.43.2021.819.


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