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Phuc Minh Nhan
Duy Khanh Nguyen
Yen Thi Hong Le


This article presents the research result about the application of magnetic card reader (Radio Frequency Identification – RFID) in managing patients’ information and building a website which helps patients in booking an appointment with doctors by mobile phone or computer. In conducting the research, some methods are used such as reading books, magazines, finding online documents, surveying the way of managing data at hospital, analyzing, designing model of data, programing and testing. The study has successfully built a website and a computer application which can read information in RFID.  It allow users to resolve problems including online examination registering, doctors’ timetable managing, and patients’ examination time arranging automatically and exactly.


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Nhan, P., Nguyen, D. and Le, Y. (2019) “BUILDING SMART HOSPITAL SYSTEM”, The Scientific Journal of Tra Vinh University, 1(1), pp. 48-55. doi: 10.35382/18594816.1.1.2019.87.


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