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Phuc Minh Nhan
C Thanh Vo
Khanh Ngoc Van Duong
Nhiem Ba Nguyen


Currently, at Tra Vinh University as well as other universities in Vietnam, lecturers mostly focus on professional teaching without paying much attention to training soft skills for students such as teamworking, problem solving, interpersonal communication skills, ... In addition, students are only interested in learning how to become an engineer, an accountant or a doctor without training soft skills or just studying in compulsory form, and lack of depth investment. Lacking soft skills that lead the graduates facing a lot of trouble in their  professional life. In the higher education system, graduates can have a good practice in career, can design a machine, can have good programming skill, can develop a model of growth economy but they can hardly
communicate, work in groups or solve problems effectively. For solving this problem, the Department of Information Technology has developed a curriculum based on the CDIO approach, but there are still many issues to be improved. In this paper, the authors introduce solutions to integrate soft skills in professional teaching, specifically in   teaching specialized subjects at the Department of Information Technology, School of Engineering and Technology, Tra Vinh University. 


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Nhan, P., Vo, C., Duong, K. and Nguyen, N. (2019) “SOLUTIONS FOR INTEGRATING SOFT SKILLS INTO TEACHING SPECIALIZE SUBJECTS OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AT TRA VINH UNIVERSITY”, The Scientific Journal of Tra Vinh University, 1(2), pp. 140-147. doi: 10.35382/18594816.1.2.2019.165.


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