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Banh Thanh Huynh
Tai Tan Phan


This report aims to introduce a solution for saving fuel and reducing environmental pollution on motorcycles in order to increase the operational capacity of a very popular means of transport in Vietnam today. In this solution, we use an electric motorbike which is combined with a heat engine to meet the requirements of increasing vehicle performance. The article presents the methods to design, to install the parts of the system and the heat engine on electric motorbike as well as experiment and evaluate the effectiveness of the solution


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Huynh, B. and Phan, T. (2019) “SOLUTION FOR SAVING ENERGY AND REDUCING ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION ON MOTORCYCLES”, The Scientific Journal of Tra Vinh University, 1(1), pp. 67-76. doi: 10.35382/18594816.1.1.2019.90.


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